"Ever imagined a world made of blocks? Have you ever imagined building whatever you want? Well Minecraft, surely, is the place to get started." 


Minecraft Worlds Wiki is a wiki from Wikia where you can describe your Minecraft character's story, your Minecraft pets, servers, just about anything that is Minecraft related! We are half an encyclpedia and half of a fanon wiki, where you can write anything Minecraft related. Minecraft is a sandbox game that was made by Mojang back in May 2009―November 2011, in which the main creator was Notch, or in real life Markus Persson.

Partner Wiki[edit | edit source]

Minecraft Worlds Wiki is also partnered with Minecraft Custom Builds Wiki. The Minecraft Custom Builds Wiki, maintained by Stevexcool, is a Wiki where you can write about something you built in Minecraft!

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